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Divorce Lawyers in Caithness & Sutherland

Under Scots law, divorce or dissolution is the only means of bringing a marriage or civil partnership to an end, aside from death of either spouse or civil partner. It is always desirable to avoid court proceedings during the breakdown of a relationship, but where this is unavoidable it is important to consult a family law solicitor in order to best protect your interests.

At BBM Solicitors, we understand the impact a divorce can have on you and your family. We provide sensitive and professional advice to ensure your family law matter is resolved quickly and with minimal stress. Contact our Family Law Team today for advice.

What are the procedures for divorce?

If ex-partners are fortune enough to have amicably settled upon financial issues, and there are no children under 16 between them, both partners can apply to a court to finalise their divorce proceedings. Certain time limits exist for this procedure. If the couple have been separated for one year, and both consent to the divorce proceedings, an application for divorce will be granted. However, if one of the former partners decides to contest the divorce, the time limit for separation is extended to two years.

If there are varied and complex financial issues that cannot be agreed upon out of court, custody and contact considerations for children under 16 between the former partners, or certain grounds for divorce have to be proven, these issues will have to be submitted before a court. The court will hand down orders, which establish the obligations of either party towards their children and each other.

Why should I consult a family law solicitor?

Divorce proceedings, in particular where there are children involved or unresolved financial issues, require the collection and submission of lots of evidence, including financial documents, statements from other people and deeds demonstrating ownership of property. A family law solicitor will be able to advise as to what has to be submitted to the court.

Beyond legal separation as a basis for divorce, there are three other grounds for divorce: adultery, unreasonable behaviour, with the common examples being domestic abuse or alcoholism, and if either partner undergoes a sex change. Understandably, having the burden of proving your partner has committed adultery, or engages in unreasonable behaviour, is a deeply upsetting process. A family law solicitor will be familiar with the burden of proof needed to establish these grounds, and provide guidance as to what is required by the court.

Contact our Divorce Lawyers in Caithness and Sutherland, Scotland

BBM Solicitors have a solid background in securing the best possible outcome in the division of assets and property, especially where debts have been accrued in the course of a marriage or civil partnership, in addition to child custody and contact matters. Our lawyers have extensively appeared before Sheriff Courts and the Court of Session.

To speak with a solicitor from BBM’s Family Law Team, please call 01955 604188 or contact us online.

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